You’re Leaking Revenue & Losing Opportunities.

The path to winning a B2B Complex Sale requires a series of conversations and interactions that happen over time (often months). According to Sirius Decisions, the ability of your team to verbally articulate value is the single most important key to winning vs. losing.

Put simply, your team must know What to Say, What to Do and How to Do It to rapidly Articulate Value–the
key driver to increasing deal flow. Unfortunately, achieving this level of effectiveness remains elusive for most organizations. 

What If Your B2B Sales Team…
Had the verbal sales messaging, tools and skills required to develop a level of value
that leads to more deals for your company–all while collapsing your sales cycle?


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What We Do

The Weinbaum Group is a boutique Sales and Marketing services firm. We develop tightly integrated Value Conversation Systems designed to systematically seed, grow and harvest Value Perception–the most important key to closing more deals faster.

With our help your team will be equipped to deliver conversations that motivate prospects to change, change now and change with you.

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